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About Us


Irvin H. Sturm, PE, PS, FASCE established NDG in 1981. Under Irv’s leadership, a foundation of creativity, professional excellence, precision and pride were laid. These principles and way of conducting business grew to create a firm culture that is at the core of how and why we do things to this day.

Firm Background

Today NDG is a multi-disciplined firm with broad capabilities. NDG offers a complete range of professional services for the design of bridges, highways and streets, buildings and other structures, parks and recreational facilities, municipal water and sewer systems, foundations, marine facilities, commercial and industrial sites. Services include planning and budgeting, surveying, design, construction engineering and administration, and landscape design. NDG also offers geotechnical drilling, soil, concrete, asphalt and other construction materials testing and inspection services.

NDG’s clients include federal, state and local government agencies as well as private, institutional, industrial and commercial clients.

Our people all believe in a team approach. The talents and experience of our professional staff generates innovative solutions gained only through an understanding of each client’s and each project’s specific needs. Our people are sharply focused on the client.

Values, Beliefs and Philosophy

We believe it is essential that we conduct business:

  • with integrity and honesty;
  • at the highest level of technical excellence and quality;
  • in a manner which assures proper regard for the health, safety, and welfare of the public;
  • using a team approach amongst our own staff and with the client;
  • in a fashion that promotes growth for our company and for our staff as individuals;
  • with a concentrated focus on the client's goals and on our company's goals;
  • in a fair and open manner;
  • so that all employees have an equal opportunity to grow.

Our Mission

Northwest Design Group, LLC is a civil engineering consulting firm committed to the highest quality of professional service and technical excellence. By focusing our team efforts, we achieve our clients’ goals and the public’s needs, and our employees share in the pride, respect, and growth which result from our company’s success.


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