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Northwest Design Group, LLC offers employment opportunities for professionals in the fields of Civil Engineering, including the specialties of Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Surveying, and Landscape Design.

Technical career opportunities are also offered in the following areas: Civil Engineering Technician, CAD Operator, Landscape Design Technician, Survey Technician, Construction Materials Testing Technician and others.

NDG also offers summer internship and co-op programs to students in various disciplines, in cooperation with a variety of colleges and universities.

If you share our values outlined here, we welcome you to inquire about employment opportunities with NDG:

We value knowing that we have conducted ourselves such that our clients and public perceive and experience NDG, and each individual member of the company, to be:

  • competent;
  • professional;
  • respectful;
  • flexible.

It is our philosophy that we conduct our work so as to;

  • be proud of ourselves;
  • earn the respect of our clients, colleagues, and the community;
  • offer to help our community by volunteering our time and skills.

Employment at NDG affords many benefits, including full-time, year-round employment, medical and other insurance benefits, holiday, vacation, and sick pay, a profit sharing incentive plan and a 401(k) plan.

A career with NDG offers highly rewarding professional and technical challenges and opportunities. For information on employment opportunities, please contact our Human Resources department.

Northwest Design Group, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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